The 4 Greatest Features of Intercom Anywhere

December 11, 2018

There are several video doorbell options available in the market. With the rapid increase in popularity of home automation or “smart home” devices, there is no shortage of ways to use the technology to increase the security and convenience of your home.

So what makes Control 4’s new Intercom Anywhere, powered with 4Sight, any different? 

For starters, it integrates fully with your existing Control4 system and 4Sight subscription. Control4 is a high-end home automation system that ties all of your devices together to create a truly intelligent and integrated experience. This is far more powerful than Google Home or HomeKit-style home automation, and is designed for more than the home automation hobbyist.

We’ll explore some of the other features of Intercom Anywhere and why they are a great addition to an existing Control4 system.

1. The Screen Looks Beautiful

Your home is likely one of the biggest assets you own. When you invest money in furniture, flooring, lighting and other decorations, the last thing you want to see is a bulky and out-of-place technological addition to your decor.

Thankfully, the Intercom Anywhere touch screen/video doorbell is sleek, modern, and importantly (for some) low-profile.

The interface is well-designed and easy to navigate and it gives your home a 21st century feel without screaming Star-Trek.

The doorbell system is also well-designed and complementary to the exterior of your front entrance or gate system. It features a microphone, hi-res camera, and connects to your 4Sight system.

2. Set Programmable Routines for Different Scenarios

The main allure of home automation is the ability to link multiple actions together in order to simplify repetitive tasks. Intercom Anywhere goes a step further and lets you program different routines based on what you want your home to do based on the type of visitor at your front door.

For example, assume you have a delivery from Amazon while you’re away from the house. The courier can ring your doorbell, which sends a notification to your phone. You can answer the doorbell and press the “Delivery” preset.

The action will disable your alarm, unlock your door, and turn on your entrance light. Once the package is placed inside and the door closed, the house will turn off the light, lock the door, and re-enable your alarm – all with one tap.

The feature will also work on any of the touchscreens inside your home so you never miss a house call, wherever you are.

3. Communicate with Your Guest From Anywhere in Your Home

Have you ever had to experience running from the other side of your home when the doorbell rings? You have to stop what you’re doing and bolt across the house while your visitor continues to impatiently push the doorbell button until you show up at the door.

Intercom Anywhere solves that problem.

Using your phone or the conveniently placed Control4 touchscreens, you can hear your doorbell ring from any room in the house. The camera on the Control4 door station will show you who’s calling so you can decide to answer (or not). 

Once you answer, hi-res video and crystal-clear audio will be transmitted between you and the visitor so you can communicate with them. You can also choose from a set of predetermined actions depending on who your guest is.

4. Two-Way Connection to Different Devices/Areas in The House

Intercom Anywhere lets you stay connected quickly and conveniently from anywhere – inside or outside of the home.

Let’s assume you’re away from your home on a night out and the babysitter hasn’t checked in for a while. Using the Control4 app on your phone, you can call a specific room in the house for a direct line to a specific person. No more calling phones and hoping the person picks up on the other end.

You can also use the service to broadcast that dinner is ready to the whole house. You can even call your phone from the touchscreen if you’ve misplaced it.

In Summary…

Home automation systems are designed to make your life easier. Complicated technology and hard-to-use interfaces don’t accomplish that simple goal. Control4’s entire suite of automation systems are designed to create a truly integrated experience and turn your house into and intelligent home.

Intercom Anywhere is a welcome addition to home automation and does a great job at combining ease of communication, security, and peace of mind for you and your family. 

OneTouch House

OneTouch House is a Platinum Control4 Authorized Dealer and Installer. If you have questions about how Intercom Anywhere can be integrated into your home, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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