Meet OneTouch House’s Newest Partner: Dan Lockhart

July 6, 2020

The team at OneTouch House is proud to announce its newest partner, Dan Lockhart!

After joining the company in 2006 as a satellite installer, Dan has helped grow and shape the company through various roles and has become an integral part of the OneTouch House team.

About Dan


Originally from Nanaimo, BC, Dan moved to Victoria to follow his girlfriend (now wife) and originally planned to pursue his electrical engineering degree at the Camosun College bridge program to the University of Victoria bridge program.

After working a few different jobs, Dan found an ad for a satellite installer for a Victoria-based company. With an interest in computers and as a precursor to his electrical engineering education, he decided to apply with the original intention of returning to school in the fall.

“It was funny,” said Dan, “I worked as a pizza delivery driver and as a shoe salesman for the Bay, which were both jobs that Kevin (current co-owner of OneTouch House) did previously. Funny that I would end up here sharing a company with him.”

After spending the summer of 2006 with OneTouch House, Kevin Lintern and Martin Engelbrecht pulled Dan into their office and offered him a full-time position and convinced him to stay with the company.

“I saw it as a great opportunity to learn about technology. Being computer literate from a young age, I find tech and programming fascinating – it’s both challenging and rewarding and every day is different. So I decided to stay and see where the opportunity would take me,” said Dan.

14 years later, Dan has become the newest owner/partner of OneTouch House.

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“Dan has been an integral part of the company’s evolution,” said Kevin. “Everything that we do now and the way we run our business, Dan played a large part in. Our clients love him. The team respects his knowledge. Home automation is not just something you can learn at school but Dan has excelled at it over the years.”

Dan’s Career at OneTouch House

After accepting the full-time position at OneTouch House, Dan quickly began gaining experience in all areas of the company. Spending a lot of his early years with Martin out in the field, Dan began to demonstrate his ability to handle programming and home automation installations effectively.

“It was just the three of us for almost eight years,” said Dan. “I basically had to do a little bit of everything.”

After gaining experience installing, wiring, programming, and managing the company’s projects, Dan was promoted to Senior Project Manager and became responsible for the company’s larger projects.

During this time, Dan was responsible for managing project requirements, ensuring deadlines and budgets were met, installers had what they needed to do their job effectively, and also maintained relationships with clients.

As Dan’s time with OneTouch House progressed, he continued to develop his skills and expand his training with various products that began to emerge on the market. In 2007-2008, Dan went to Control4 training to learn about the newest entrance into the automation industry.

Dan doing a pre-wire at a house in Bear Mountain

“We were one of the first companies that starting using Control4 when they first came on the market. Nobody else was doing it, at least in our region, so we were more or less the pioneers of that level of automation at the time,” said Dan.

Since then, the company has continued to evolve and grow. The home automation, or more commonly known “smart home”, industry has experienced rapid growth in the past several years. New products and solutions are being released regularly and OneTouch House has continued to remain innovative in their product and solution offerings to their clients.

The Next Chapter

With added motivation and vested interest in the company’s future, Dan plans to continue to help grow the company and offer the top-level customer service that has earned OneTouch House its reputation in the past 20 years.

“One thing that has always served us well is our commitment to our customers, ” said Dan. “We always make it a point to respond quickly, hear their concerns, and solve their problems the best way we can. Our client base continues to grow and it’s important we don’t ignore the older clients that have supported us up to this point.”

Moving forward, Dan would like to see the company grow geographically and begin to service other areas.

“I’m incredibly excited for the next chapter. The team at OneTouch House is like family. They’re great to work with, they take care of each other and our clients, and I’m thrilled to have been given this opportunity.”

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